Community of Mine

Community of Mine is a research study being conducted at UC San Diego to learn more about how places in your neighborhood like parks, restaurants, grocery stores and recreation centers may affect your health.  We want to learn about the places that are available to you in your community and the places that you visit most often.

We have identified specific neighborhoods within San Diego County that we are interested in learning more about.

The Community of Mine Study has now ended. Please check back for updates on the results of this study.

Am I Eligible?

You or someone in your household may be eligible to participate in the Community of Mine study. Learn more to see if you are eligible.

Community of Mine

Community of Mine aims to enroll 700 residents between the ages of 35 to 80 years old, living throughout San Diego County to participate in a 2 week research study.

Healthy Communities

There are many ways to become involved and take action to improve the health of your community. Your participation in Community of Mine is just one of these ways to help build healthier communities in San Diego.

Meet Our Team

Meet our team at UC San Diego whom are conducting the Community of Mine research study.